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Avec RestOcheck, vous disposez d'une plate-forme de gestion complète pour votre restaurant. D'une manière simple vous traités vos réservations, recevez des évaluations et restez en contact avec vos clients. Grâce aux adresses email rassemblées vous pouvez recontacter vos hôtes via mail et via des médias sociaux.

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Jeroen Meus

Jeroen Meus – Zaakvoerder

RestOcheck is part of my daily routine.
Peter Onkelinx

Peter Onkelinx – Stadium Manager Stayen

RestOcheck is a tool that allows the team to self-manage. We filter out extremes and value constructive feedback. Negative comments cannot be deleted, the team stays focused.
Dimitri De Cuyper

Dimitri De Cuyper - Pakhuis Gent, Dock's Antwerpen, La Quincaillerie Brussel

RestOcheck is a valuable feedback system that gives a quick and easy summary of guest satisfaction in our Restaurants. It is not only a tool for the managers and myself, but also an evaluation that stimulates the team day after day to offer an excellent service.
Edwin Spitsbaard

Edwin Spitsbaard - Vida Hilversum, Amsterdam & Naarden

We are using RestOcheck for a year in Hilversum and recently we also started in our restaurants in Amsterdam and Naarden. All our employees are very motivated by the feedback. Due to the many email addresses we collect we can also improve our marketing activities.

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