Reservation platform

An online reservation form on your website that is linked to your reservation agenda always shows your occupancy and allows your Guests to make a reservation with an instant confirmation.

“Do you have a table available tonight?”

Win Time

Thanks to automatic processing of and responding to incoming reservations you do not have to spend time manually confirming reservations. All this without losing control over your occupancy. New reservations appear immediately in your agenda and can be allocated to a table.

Realtime capacity in dashboard

Realtime Capacity

RestOcheck has developed a system to keep your online capacity up to date easily. You can enter in your dashboard how many guests you can accommodate per shift and per half hour. Your calendar also allows you to check in guests without reservation so you can keep your occupancy up to date at all times. This way, your guests get an instant and automated reply to the question “do you have a table available?”, even for same day reservations.


RestOcheck secures the reservations and checks with you if every guest shows up. The first time guests are required to provide their email address and their contact information. Our system organizes the personal information of your guests, stores and allows you to use it in a secure manner.

Fast reservations

Our system is developed in such a way that guests do not have to enter their personal information every time they make a reservation. This way, loyal guests are rewarded with quick and easy reservations.

We build a customer database for you

By receiving reservations online, you don’t have to collect personal information anymore over the phone. We collect the required information for you, and you will get a profile of your customer base.

No Obligations. Simple Activation

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